Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Manifest Destiny #10 Review

Two sides of a coin.

You know, what I like most about Manifest Destiny? The fact that Dingess has managed to make a routine history lesson into a fantastical journey without putting the human element out of the spotlight.

Infact we can say that the human element is the main focus of this series, despite the abundance of giant frogs and enormous mosquitoes (not to mention plant zombies!).

Dingess has given most of the cast a voice that makes you either love or hate them, and sometimes love and then hate them.

Roberts is off his game a little here, but still a below par excellent is atleast above good. And the final page splashes keep the gruesome level on the notch.


The land crew is in panic over the mosquito erupting from Hardy, and we get a rare moment when Sacagawea gives way to Clark’s decision, capturing the mosquito instead of killing it.

Another one erupts from Irene’s chest and although both are alive, Sacagawea takes care of her. The other mosquito falls under Jensen’s eyes but Sacagawea’s brutal attack casts him aside.

With two subjects now in custody, Clark experiments by putting one of the strange blue flowers in one of the mosquito containing jars. After some struggling, the mosquito draws its last breath.

The other mosquito and a bunch of those blue flowers are sent over, along with the disturbing news that one of their crew, that too a corporal, had attempted to rape an underage teenager.

Mrs. Boniface and Lewis get into a heated argument regarding the safety of woman in such a group, but they put these differences aside as they crush the flowers and manufacture a spraying mechanism, which they use to great effect on the remaining mosquito.

While Lewis sends the sprayers over, he decides to finish the Ranidea once and for all, setting a shooting gallery for whenever the frog arises from the water.

Clark and the crew, excepting Hardy, Jensen, Sacagawea and Irene, go in to confront and kill the remaining mosquitoes. Jensen’s attempts to get more familiar with Sacagawea ends in him suffering a ‘fall’

On the ship, Hardy’s conduct is again brought up and that gives Lewis the idea to use the Ranidea to get them out of the current predicament by pulling the ship loose.

Clark’s group reaches the mosquito haven and disperse the suckers with the sprayers, but they’re too late to save the ones left behind, as can be graphically seen.


While the pace continues to be a little slow, Dingess makes up for it by exploring the characters to greater detail, especially the Sacagawea-Clark power play.

Roberts is off his A-game but his B-game would rival most others at their peak, so not a problem.

So, I give it 8.0 out of 10.

+Some great character interactions
+Characters continue to grow
+The artwork continues to be excellent
+Excellent pacing

-Through the plot may be moving at a crawl                

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