Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Batman Eternal #25-28 Review

Chaos and Order.

It’s Catwoman’s crucible moment as she takes some dangerous risks and suffers terrible consequences.

The Batfamily are given some good moments, but it is the Selina show – as we see her highs and lows.

The artwork starts wonky with Guera failing to capture any of the characters, but takes a turn for the better at the halfway mark, with others taking the place.

The plotting is a little clunky and rushed, not what you would expect given this late stage of the series.


The new arc starts in a bad way as the artwork is horrendous and the plotting and dialogues are all wrong.

Things through take a turn for the better at the midway point, as Javier Garron and Meghan Hetrick rise to the occasion in the art department.

Not one person looks like their normal self, and that proves very distracting given we’re coming to the important portion of this journey.

Batman finally learns Jason Bard is working against him, and tries to take Hush out of the game. But all he gets from his leads are some holographic taunts before the building he is in blows up.

The Bat family picks him up from the debris, after Jason and Tim pay a visit to a severely injured Alfred, who is shifted to Arkham with Dr. Thomas Elliot’s consent, and is now under Joker’s daughter’s vigilance.

Batman tells a revamped version of Hush aka Tommy Elliot’s past, and it is a little shorn of the parallels. Instead of him being stuck with his mother for most of his life after Bruce’s father saves her, he is able to kill both of his parents in a sick attempt to be like Bruce.

The only similarity is that Tommy feels Bruce should be enjoying his freedom, but he isn’t. And that’s why Gotham is dying – Hush can make it all better.

Stephanie pays a visit to her father in jail, but instead of being able to enjoy the win, she finds that there is a bounty on her head. The first hunter is Flamingo, who Batman takes out and receives a thank-you note from Stephanie.

Meanwhile Batgirl decides to take matters into her own hands, and taunts Bard with death before Jason aka Red Hood comes over to say goodbye before leaving Gotham. 

He manages to make Batgirl see reason, but what’s more interesting is that Bard truly feels like he’s saving Gotham, and I would like to see what his motives are. Also, there is a half-hearted attempt to establish a Jason-Barbara romance here, but given he's leaving for the Outlaws, I don't expect much resolution.

Jade becomes a major player here, as child services deposits her with her nearest relative – Ibanescu, and she is used as a bargaining chip with Bone in exchange for Selina.

Batman continues his search for Hush, but hits a snag when he finds that Catwoman is playing the mob crews against each other. It is an angry parting, as chaos is the last thing Bruce needs while Selina feels like she is all alone and it is either her way or no way.

Trouble awaits her at home, when a traumatized Jade leads Bone straight to Selina.

Catwoman is caught and given an audience for her death, but this leads to Croc coming looking for Jade, where all hell breaks loose. Most of the participants are injured including Tiger Shark.

Bone forces Ivanescu to shoot Catwoman due to his own mental impairment, but things go horribly wrong.

Ivanescu hits Jade instead of Catwoman, leading to his death at the hands of a broken Killer Croc. When Batman attempts to apprehend him, Selina engages him in a fit of rage and grief.

Deciding that Gotham’s chaos needs to be stopped, Catwoman goes to the one man who can help her – her father, the Lion.

This chapter really highlighted Selina’s attempts to escape her past, but in the end, it dragged her down. Loosing such a valuable ally at this stage, not to mention what may become a new obstacle, Bruce is losing Gotham to Hush.


The Catwoman storyline could have been handled well, but the ending hit the mark and gave good emphasis for Selina’s change in lifestyle choices.

The rest is a mixed bag, which isn’t helped by the fact that the art swings wildly from downright horrible to very good.

There are some nods to obscure Batman characters here, including one that Bruce personally takes out with little fuss, but the entire arc feels rushed and discomforting.

So, I give it 6.0 out of 10.

+The ending to the Catwoman arc hits the right notes
+The latter artwork

-The pacing is all over the place
-Gueva’s is unable to give a good visual display initially

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