Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spider-Man 2099 #7 Review

Breaking point.

One of the problems with tie-ins to event comics is that more often than not, they become hollow plothole plug-ins instead of actual stories involving those characters. And Spider-Man 2099 #7 is guilty of that.

Last issue was an entertaining look at the technology of 2099 and Miguel’s interactions with Lady Spider. We have more of that here, but it overextends its visit, and nothing much else.


Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-Man 2099 continues to analyze Daemos’s dead body while a clone is stuck in an electric field.

A few issues ago, another Miguel managed to cross over just as he was killed, and Miguel has his body. He tells May to find out how his interdimensional hopping kit walks.

But it begs the question….why don’t they already have it? Didn’t Spider UK give each team one transporter and I didn’t notice it get damaged or anything – so why do they need another one?

Then Miguel goes off after rejecting a stupid proposal from the Daemos clone of being spared while the rest of the Spiders are killed. Seriously, this Inheritor is brain-dead.

And it is impressive when the clone decides to kill himself so that another clone can take it’s place. But Miguel has made preparations for that off-panel apparently as we are treated to that era’s Punisher – who is really badass and manages to seriously block the clone’s progress.

Meanwhile, Miguel converses with a scientist about a ‘cure’ or something and then he and Lady Spider manage to use the kit to travel to their safe zero, where they witness the carnage left in the Inheritor’s wake (though I remember the Captain Universe Spider-Man being a smoldering corpse, not full costumed sleeping).

This begs the questions – what exactly happened that justified this book? We learnt nothing about the dead body and Miguel left it there just lying like that? Involving a continuity character was a bad move, as though the Punisher was good entertainment, he came across as a dues-ex-machina to let the Spiders get away.


There are great comics, good comics and bad comics. And then there is this – a book that seems to just exist where a page or two was sufficient.

Vague mutterings aside, this issue was handled very badly. The artwork was okay, but there was nothing substantial in this book.

So, I give it 5.0 out of 10

+Some good artwork
+Lady Spider

-Miguel was seriously annoying
-Continuity overload and errors
-Not flowing well from last issue

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