Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Ten #12 Review


Buffy and Spike go through some history troubles as they try to get back together, even as something haunts Spike.

Christain Gage and Nicholas Brendon decide to go down a beaten track but this time it seems like both slayer and vampire are seeking something more permanent rather than it being just a passing fad.


Awkwardness ensures after Buffy and Spike kiss, and Spike aggravates it further when he mentions that everytime Buffy has wanted a relationship, it has always been an unhealthy one. And now, he’s not sure whether Buffy’s playing him or not.

Well, that was moronic. And Xander agrees, but before Spike can go and try to make up for his words, a hulked up Andrew comes crashing in through the window.

The Scooby Gang get together and Buffy pretends to not hear Spike’s protestations as they follow Andrew’s lead in confronting the flesh Golem. Andrew and the others manage to destroy it but things take an unexpected turn when Andrew kisses Clive, a male member of the coven Andrew’s girlfriend’s in.

Getting depowered (said to happen as Andrew actually reaches his 'true self'), Andrew is further confused when Xander offers him excessive support in coming out as gay.

Seeing Andrew being made to face himself in a new light, Buffy and Spike actually decide to work on their relationship – which involves a lot of rough sex that Xander and Dawn try to interpret as something else.

After they fail in doing that, they find that they have another eavesdropper. Giles is anything but amused as his own puberty troubles are exacerbated by Xander and Dawn’s attempts to placate him.

As Buffy soundly sleeps, Spike is shown to be awake – afraid that if he goes to sleep, she might not be there when he wakes up. Just as he gets drowsy and floats off to dreamland, he encounters a vision of himself killing a couple and drinking their body – forcing him wide awake, still beside Buffy.

He tries to reassure himself that it was just a dream even as Buffy sleeps unaware of what just transpired.


The Buffy/Spike romance has always been one of the more complex relationships in this universe, and Gage and Brennon handle it delicately.

Megan Levens is competent but nothing spectacular.

So, I give this 7.5 out of 10.

+Very good handling of the Buffy/Spike romance
+Solid artwork
+Nice cliffhanger

-The turnaround in the Buffy/Spike dynamic felt  a little contrived

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