Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Ten #5 Review

Lost love.

Malokar’s rampage needs to be quelled and steps need to be taken – whatever the cost.

Gage is competent enough and some of his dialogues work really well in the context of the issue. But the stakes keep feeling too low somehow.

Issacs is great as usual, especially in the facial department. Her drawing of Malokar is also expertly done.


Malokar the Old One has grown to an enormous size and drastic times call for drastic measures.

Meanwhile, Xander is again seeing ghost Anya and tries to find a way to help Dracula.

Willow and Buffy bring in a priest to bless the Redwood Investment Group Building so that it can act as a giant stake, while the former enlarges Dawn to Malokar’s size as a distraction.

It works, but even as Dracula recovers, he starts changing into Malokar again. Xander finally takes Anya’s advice and is able to write in new rules that help Dracula regain himself.

The Prince of Vampires takes leave, but not before establishing new relations with his now ex-manservant.

Back at Xander’s apartment, the Scooby Gang tries to decide what to do with the Vampyr and D’Hoffryn arrives to relive them of their burden. Buffy refuses to hand over the most powerful book of magic to a vengeance demon.

D’Hoffryn accepts and leaves, through Xander gets in a quick word on the Anya situation and is met with no answers.

Xander and Dawn take a time-out meeting but Dawn’s reset mode has led her loosing whatever feelings she had. Xander tells her he’ll do everything to make her love him again, and they share a brief kiss before she leaves.

Outside, another ex-couple Buffy and Spike share their reflections on their current family, and conclude that it’s the best they could get – that is, as Spike puts in, unless something kills them all in a bloody rampage to get the book.

Spike, you need to learn to watch your mouth!


Some great character material aside, this felt somehow too low key given the stakes involved.

The ‘New Rules’ Arc finally ends with the Scooby Gang having realized how much dangerous this untamed magic can get.

So, I give it 8.0 out of 10.

+Some great character moments
+Excellent dialogue
+Artwork is great as usual

-Stakes were high yet low key

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