Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Batman/Superman #17 Review

Always hurt the ones you love.

Greg Pak and Adrian Sarf make a good combo and it feels like he’s got the voices right finally.

But Lobo makes a poor guest star and the shadowy figure feels a little too much – especially when the red herring scenario gave us such a poor character in Lobo.

SPOILERS FOLLOW......................

Superman attempts to save the one hit – but only Lex Luthor with his armor is saved. True to his nature, Lex is not above suspicion.

But Superman is able to rule it out quickly. Lex himself makes a starting observation that he was probably the most high value target given the casualty list possible on the event of his demise.

The world needs Luthor apparently.

Superman attempts to stop the resurgent conflict in Kandaq after the meeting fiasco thanks to General Ahmed’s assassination, and participates in a candle-light vigil for the fallen singer Glory Miau.

But all through this, he feels helpless as he recollects that Miau was previously a suicidal girl he had talked out of jumping off a building (which is eerily similar to All Star Superman).

They go and visit Hector Hammond in a high security prison and in exchange for getting a peek into Batman’s head (never a good place to be, given both Bruce’s ability to direct his thoughts to influence the pyscic and his not so pleasant memories), he leads them to Lobo.

Lobo turns out to be a red herring, and with all possible targets under secure watch, Bruce turns to Lois for bait.

Pak does a great correlation with Superman and his impact on the world. Lobo was always going to be a misdirect, but it’s annoying how we still have no clue of who the assailant may be. Or do we?

SPOILERS END...............

Pak writes a good Superman and his role in human society. Batman, after the false step last issue with the clunky exposition, has some stand-out moments acting typically his usual self.

Hammond being more a Superman villain in the New 52 than a Hal Jordan one is always surprising, but proves effective and may be intentionally misdirecting him. The new Lobo, on the other hand, feels bland.

And  Adrian Sarf as the penciller is one of the best new discoveries in recent times for me. Can’t wait for more from him.

So, I give it 8.0 out of 10.

+Some great character moments
+Touching scenarios
+Great artwork

-Lobo feels like a blandish filler

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