Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Justice League #37 Review

Evolve or die.

Geoff Johns shows some interesting conflicts and character interactions while establishing a new DC iteration of a popular League villain.

Jason Fabok himself is at the top of his game and I hope he continues for a long time.

SPOILERS FOLLOW.........................

Batman and Superman attempt to get a blood sample from Patient Zero, who has started to become an organic Amazo – adapting to the powers he sees. Wonder Woman’s involvement brings the mutated human to his knees, but while extracting the blood, Batman’s suit is damaged and he is exposed.

At Lexcorp, Lena tries to understand why Lex Luthor manufactured the virus. It’s interesting to see someone not willing to buy into his facade, yet enjoying his unconditional love. He then meets Captain Cold to assist in obtaining the blood from Patient Zero.

As his strenuous argument with Lena resurfaces in Cold’s joking voice leads to a tiff, the second mercenary named Bullet arrives and renders Lex unconscious.

The city itself is dying – as is the League.

Johns continues to juggle character work with all out action. Given I never understood the android Amazo’s mechanics that well, this feels a refreshing usage of his skills.

Lena is a revelation and I like how Lex treats her despite her opposition to his actions, yet when confronted by Cold or Batman is likely to move into conflict mode. Through I believe there is a hint of truth to what Lex says – especially when he mentions Arkham has a revolving door of one month.

Neutron is given a little more spotlight, as Lex mentions that his particular metaskill set is rendering him more vulnerable. Aquaman himself doesn’t look too good (wonder how Atlantis is reacting to this predicament? Oh the problem with continuity!).

Mainly, Lex needs to be the hero and with Batman gone under, he seems to be the only one smart enough to save a world he’s doomed. Through can we have one comic where one of the heroes isn’t at the end of a trick bullet???

SPOILERS END........................

Geoff Johns balances action and emotion well, as the plot progresses at break neck speed even amid solid character moments.

Jason Fabok himself continues to be awesome, and I love his depiction of Wonder Woman.

So,I give it 8.5 out of 10.

+A great balance of emotion and action
+Fabok is awesome
+The new Amazo is a good development

-Issues with continuity and lack of reactions from the other parts of the DC universe
-The cliffhanger feels manufactured

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