Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Green Lantern New Guardians #31 Review

You take and take and take....

Kyle faces another problem of life as he lands on a dead planet.

Justin Jordan isn't going easy on Kyle. First it was choice, then religion and now life itself. For Kyle, this means his decisions will never result in an absolute positive light.

Neves does a great job of capturing the dead planet and Kyle himself.

SPOILERS FOLLOW...............

After Kyle tried to erase himself from existence along with Oblivion, instead he landed on a dead planet. Trying to remove his ring only resulted in a quick callback after he learns the alien atmosphere is unsuitable to him.

Communicating with it in some manner, he learns that the people on this planet had all perished in a single catastrophe.

Thinking he can give life back to the unfortunate natives, he attempts to will life back to the planet.

Going deeper after finding a small sign of life, he reaches the heart of the planet, which is beating again most likely thanks to him. He understands that he is a brother of Mogo, the current base of the Green Lantern Corps and a Green Lantern herself.

The planet tells Kyle that once there were many of them. With the exception of one (Mogo), the rest tried to help build advanced civilizations on them, but this resulted in over-exploitation.

One by one the planets died and this created fear in the heart of this planet. He created a fiery tornado that consumed all life on it. With the dictum of becoming a cancer that spread to all worlds and destroy life, he moved forward.But Mogo arrived and after much pleading, was forced to kill his brother.

Kyle is sucked into the planet but manages to escape and rupture it's heart, killing it again.

Deciding that he must be careful how he uses his powers, Kyle moves on.

Back on Earth, Carol and the New Guardians are clueless as to where Kyle is. Propounding that problem is the absence of a New Guardian.

Carol fears this may be the start of something terrible.

SPOILERS END.................

With a thinly veiled criticism of our over-exploitation of our planet's resources, Justin gives Kyle another 'life' lesson.

The artwork by mostly unknown Diogenes Neves is superb.

So, I give it 8.0 out of 10.

+Great artwork
+Some hard hitting problems
+Good exploration of the backstory of a Green Lantern member

-The problem was too easily resolved
-Carol and the New Guardians were cameos in this issue

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