Thursday, May 29, 2014

Justice League Dark #31 Review

Out of sight, out of mind.

Asa’s history is peeled back as Zatanna discovers the horrors behind her existence. Meanwhile the fractured team grows more so as sides are taken and battle-lines are drawn.

The Nightmare Nurse has been a mysterious member of the Dark team so far and it is enjoyable to see a cast where you still can’t define anyone as right or wrong even after spending so much time with them.

The artwork is par for the course without doing anything exceptional.


Probing into Ariel’s mind, Zatanna finds that the Nightmare Nurse Asa was once her caretaker and in all probability, poisoned her to take over her body.

Elsewhere Asa contacts Constantine from the between, where she is stuck. Using most of her energy, she brings him there and together, they fight off the demons that reside in that place and escape.

Coming to the house of mystery, a violent battle breaks out between the two factions (Asa and Constantine vs Zatanna and Swamp Thing) even as Deadman tries to broker a peace.

In the confusion, Asa is able to take over a body – Zatanna’s!


While the Asa storyline has been enjoyable so far, I feel the writer is trying too hard to establish the Zatanna-Constantine divide.

While one is a ‘hero’ in the proper sense, the other is a realist who knows sometimes the ends justify the means. We don’t need to be battered over the head with an overdrawn conflict.

The artwork is passable.

So, I give it 7.0 out of 10

+Some good character backstory
+Good shading of characters

-The conflicts feel overdrawn
-The power levels are inconsistent

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