Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Red Lanterns #31 Review

Reflections in a broken mirror.

The Judge continues on her judgment path as things come to a stand-off.

This felt like one of the rare weaker ones from Soule, as a lot of pages were about soul-searching and repeating the same things.

It also would be more benefited from a regular artist instead of this double duty. Personally, I prefer Calafiore but his artwork meshes with Vitti well, so I don’t have too many problems in this department.


In Supergirl #31, Kara was mind-interrogated by the Red Lantern Judge and found innocent. She decided to make the Judge undergo the Ysmault blood lake process to restore her sanity.

Atrocitus confronts the Judge but is attacked for interrogation. Dex-Starr attempts to save his master, but is stopped by him.

And in a scene reminiscent of the Spectre’s judgment of Atrocitus in the pages of Green Lantern: Brightest Day, the Judge deems his actions just due to the firm nature of conviction in him that his actions are just.

Guy and Skallox survey the destruction, unnerved by the sight. Gardner has started second-guessing his actions, but is relieved when Kara and Bleez return mostly unscathed.

Kara quickly returns to the Kaalvar, the Red Lantern ship, and takes the entire reservoir of the city and dumps the entire stored blood on it.

Atrocitus is enraged at this misuse of the sacred blood (which was originally his and only reached its current form due to his magic) and manipulates the blood into a fiery tornado.

Kara uses her heat beams on it, resulting in a fire and an explosion. This leads to severe rebukes from her teammates.

Skallox uses his beginner’s knowledge of blood magic to stop the tornado alongwith the rest and then they face Atrocitus.

The Judge has regained her sanity after coming in touch with the blood. Guy and Atrocitus decide an exchange involving the Judge and Rankorr, but the new Red Lantern will not be used as a pawn so easily and instead decides to go with Guy’s group so she can hear their side.

Guy decides to take the battle to Atrocitus and retrieve Rankorr at all costs.

Not much new ground is covered in this issue, except that Kara’s handling of her rage is still weak while Skallox is a more than competent user of blood magic. The rest is a retread of much of Red Lantern mythos.

That doesn’t mean a bad issue. The visuals are still beautiful while the ensemble cast get some good moments. The humor that is generally in spades is tempered with only Zox contributing.


A very predictable issue peppered with some great character moments, this arc concludes with the start of the rearguard action by Guy against Atrocitus.

The artwork is good, but I would prefer a regular artist in fear on inconsistencies down the line.

So, I give this 7.5 out of 10.

+Some great character moments
+The artwork is above par 
-A little too predictable
-Kara is still going through the same situations

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