Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man #2 Review

Shock and awe

Peter tries to bring back a semblance of normality to his life, but life isn’t going to make it easy for him as new variables start to jump into the equation.

Slott meshes the Superior storyline with the new Amazing one very well, without discarding any of the previous threads. Infact his handling of those things, especially one crucial aspect, has been very good.

Ramos’ artwork is as always a little hit and miss, though thankfully this issue he’s on top form.


In a confined room, a mysterious woman with organic webbing watches a video of an old match between Spiderman and Electro. She knows he’s Peter Parker and by all accounts, is the same girl seen getting bitten, by the same spider that bit Peter, in the first issue.

In Tribeca, Peter is in full damage control mode (by that I mean, his normal routine) as he tries to explain to Anna Maria that it was Doc Ock as Spiderman who she had a relationship with, not Peter.

Surprisingly instead of being the generic shout-and-leave type espoused often, Anna is cool headed and the only signs of stress are her cooking (and making heavenly cookies).

It is hilarious to hear Anna say the great qualities of Otto, with Peter trying and failing to get his words in.

She leaves to collect her thoughts, while Peter finds a new annoyance as Otto has changed his ringtone as well!

In the West Village, Max Dillion aka Electro visits a close friend and on-off lover Franchine, but unable to control his powers, appears to electrocute her when they kiss.

At the Avengers Tower, Peter is faced with hostility from Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. And from his pants. Apparently Otto’s modified web fluid resulted in the pants sticking on way past Peter’s comfort zone.

As they recollect everything that’s happened, Steve lets out that the new Venom is Flash Thompson, earning a right hook from Peter for the secrecy of the actions of one of his close friends.

Returning to Parker Industries, he is faced by a panic-stricken Sajani with the info that the system Otto built is malfunctioning. He is saved from a sticking situation by Anna Maria dropping by to help out.

Suddenly, the city blackouts and Blue Electricity surges are seen. Peter knows it’s Electro.

Peter’s in for another nasty surprise as he finds out Ock has been experimenting on him. In the crowd, a powerless Human Torch looks on while Black Cat hides in the shadows.

Spiderman is able to shoot a full gust of water in his face, but it only scratches him and Electro flees. Meeting up with Johny, he learns of the latter’s situation and gets a gift – all the tv series and movies he missed while away.

Back at Parker Industries, Peter decides to divert all resources to first capturing and curing Electro, before making a new prison for New York.

What could go wrong?


You know Amazing Spiderman’s back when you see the amount of humor on these pages. And it all sticks, just like the pants!

Slott combines the best of Superior and Amazing, with a surprisingly level headed female lead while hinting more problems for Peter in the future.

So, I give it 9.0 out of 10

+Great humor
+A level headed female lead
+Electro’s plight handled well
+Great artwork

-Some of the scenes with Human Torch were redundant

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