Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Flash #31 Review

Find the connection.

The parallel storylines of Barry in the present and the Flash of the future continues to the next step, as Barry finds the next clue in his case and the Flash bloodies his hand.

Vendetti is balancing the two well, but there is no clear connection here that was in the last issue.

Booth’s artwork is a little below par this issue.


After a murder by a B-grade villain called Black Mold, Barry is able to find out that both the real people behind the masks of Mold and before that Mogul are in the hospital and the weapons were lost during the Syndicate’s attack on the Central City Police Station Evidence Room.

As Barry wonders whether one person is using these weapons and impersonating the villains, future Barry reaches back by 9 years.

He manages to free the hostages from Sam Scudder’s mirrors during an attempted heist just before an earthquake hits the museum and kills him. In the actual timeline, Scudder’s actions resulted in the deaths of everyone in the museum.

Meanwhile in the present, Barry meets Iris and Wally at night in Civic Park, but it quickly turns sour when Wally recognizes him as the person who got him arrested. He leaves, saying that it’s because of Flash that his uncle Daniel (the Reverse Flash) and his mother are no more with him.


Barry takes one more step in both timelines as the collision seems imminent. His future self is too far gone as we see in the issue and present Barry is in for a rough ride.

The artwork is okay and doesn’t stand out much. I’m still not happy how they’re treating Wally but hoping for more character development in the future.

So, I give it 6.5 out of 10.

+Some actual detective work by Barry
+The future murder is done well

-Clear disconnection between present and future
-Wally still coming off as one-dimensional angsty teen

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