Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Manifest Destiny #7 Review

Trust issues.

Lewis and Clark continue on their voyage, as they encounter more strange creatures.

Some good character work and excellent artwork are the highlights here, through the issue is a little too bogged down by exposition by Lewis.


As Lewis and Clark’s teams continues their journey upstream, they reflect on everything that’s happened and how the men have reacted to it – either through their faith or work.

They encounter another strange creature, which Sacajawea captures – a giant ladybug.

Lewis and Madame Boniface, one of the survivors of the La Charrette massacre, dissect the ladybug and Boniface alerts him to the fact that she knows of his double journals and has read them, including the part where they knew that dangerous creatures would be present during their voyage.

This results in Clark and Lewis debating about silencing the woman, which the latter is against.

The other survivors of the fort also help out around the ship. One of them, Irene, is the lewd subject of many of the men and is protected by Corporal Hardy, who gives the backstory to most of the crew.

And it’s a good reflection that man is of various shades as we see people from the darkest recesses to the men who were more unfortunate than criminal.

Clark and Lewis continue to argue, we get more ominous mutterings to their joined shady past but Lewis is able to convince the Captain to back down.

The ship is stopped by an undersea obstacle and when Lewis goes to find the source, he sees the same reverse U-shaped figure they encountered near the start of their journey.

Even as Lewis conveys to Clark the terrible news, Clark’s boat is tipped over by a hideously mutated giant toad!


As usual, the imagery is the stuff of nightmares. We get more insight into the crew and each of them are becoming distinct colorful figures.

As for the main characters, Clark’s shady past comes back up. Lewis and Clark are very distinct in outlook with the Captain severely scarred by past missions. I’m intrigued by Lewis more though as his cold scientific philosophy contrasts a little too well with his humane outlook.

So, I give it 8.5 out of 10.

+Excellent character moments
+Great and terrible imagery
+Clark and Lewis contrast well

-A little too much exposition by Lewis

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