Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Red Lanterns #32 Review

Sometimes rage is all that’s left.

Atrocitus makes his move as Guy makes a decision that may prove fatal to the Red Lanterns.

This is a grim time and Soule does away with all the humor that came before. But that is replaced by surprising tearful moments.


Atrocitus arrives on Ysmault while Guy’s team retrieves Rankorr.

Easier said than done as Rankorr has been devolved to his animalistic state (the state when a person first becomes a Red Lantern) by Atrocitus and this results in an all out fight for survival as Bleez unwittingly lets Rankorr loose.

Using the Kaalvar’s canon, Bleez manages to drag Rankorr into its firing path – leaving them both severely burnt and dying.

This leaves Guy badly scarred.

Back at Ysmalt, Atrocitus has gathered a new group and destroys all of the statues leaving only Ratchet untouched. It is a humane moment for the Red Lantern as he mourns his fallen disciple.

After Atrocitus leaves Ysmalt for a new home, Gardner and his troops return with their casualties. They find the Battery and the statues destroyed.

This forces Guy into making Kara leave. She came into this long after this battle started, and for Guy, this isn’t for her. This is a very touching moment as Guy finally takes responsibility for someone and is able to connect in a fatherly manner.

Kara is a little too willing to leave though, but that doesn’t take away from what has been an excellent growth for her too.

Guy has been on a path of redemption ever since he took on a red ring, and he’s unwilling to let anyone die – especially those who are innocent of Atrocitus’ wrath.

Similarly, Bleez has been many things – arrogant, manipulative, seductive, but this is the first time she actually has feelings towards someone.

Her scenes with Rankorr felt too on the nose, but her actions were natural and felt like she had really undergone a change.

As Kara leaves, and Bleez and Rankorr remains MIA, Guy decides it’s time to finish the battle – no matter the cost. 

Though it's a surprising action by Guy given the advantage is completely with Atrocitus as the former is left without three of his heavy hitters - Kara, Bleez and Rankorr.


A surprisingly poignant take as Guy and Bleez both continued some excellent growth, though action was not lacking.

The artwork by Calafiore continues Vitti’s excellent work (sometimes surpassing it).

So, I give it 8.5 out of 10.

+Surprisingly poignant scenes
+Bookends to some excellent character growth
+The artwork

-Guy’s final position made it surprising he was willing to go into battle then and there

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