Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Green Lantern #32 Review


The war takes an unusual turn as alliances are broken and made very rapidly.

It has been interesting seeing how the ‘universe’ has been rebelling against the Lanterns, but it was actually a shield for the cowardly Durlans to attack from behind.

The Lanterns are relegated to bit roles as we see how the wheels are turning as the war reaches its endgame and the players are shifted and taken off the board.

As usual, Vendetti is on top form here. He gives each side a distinct role that has been developed across the run, and none of it feels out of character. It helps that Billy Tan is a great accomplice with his excellent artwork.


The Durlans systematically take out the Khund outposts and armada after their alliance is broken following the Durlan declaration of retreat from the Green Lantern planet Mogo.

While Non-Anj is able to call on her self-preservation and escape with her people, the Khund perish in large numbers, including one under attack from the Lanterns led by Hal Jordan.

Jordan contacts Kilowog back at base about the origin of the destruction and in turn is alerted that Non-Anj’s ship is just floating in outer space.

Taking her in, an unsteady alliance is forged as Non-Anj as she gives Hal some vital information – before the Durlans can go to Daxam and take their Superman like forms, they need to consume a large amount of energy, that is available at a certain planet.

Gorin-Sunn’s planet Zezzen is a living energy reservoir and we see the first attempts of the Durlans to take it – only to explode from the inside due to the vulnerable state it was in.

The others wait for strength to arrive in form of the Daxamites.

This is a decisive change of the battle lines and the Durlans remain the only, but not an easy, enemy to face. With Daxam and Zezzen both under threat, the Lanterns have their hands full.

The Khund getting taken out of the equation was predictable. They’ve been the brawn of this attack and were sitting ducks for the survivor and contingency obsessed Durlans.

Non-Anj has been an interesting character since Vendetti introduced here back in his first issue on this book, and her dynamics with her clan and the Corps is always a delight.


The war has reached an interesting position and things can only turn for the worse ever since for Hal’s team.

So, I give it 9.0 out of 10.

+Some great character moments
+Much needed change of focus on the enemy
+Great artwork

-The stakes feel a little on the lower side

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